Fluvoxamine 100mg

Fluvoxamine 100mg

Fluvoxamine can be taken to treat obsessive compulsive disorder.  It aid decreasing observation and urge to perform compulsions such as counting,  checking, washing hands that interfere with daily living. This medicine is known as selective  serotonin reputek inhibitor. This medicine helps restoring brain natural balance.


$170.00 (90 TABLETS) - $270.00 (180 TABLETS)

You should know that depression or mental illness greatly increase the risk  to commit suicide. No matter what your ages, before you take an antidepressant treatment. You must also talk about the benefits and risk of not reading your condition with this medication.  Talk to your doctor about the symptoms, condition, and family medical history. If anyone in patients family have bipolar disorder then it is possibly inherited.

Suppliment Nutrition facts:

Fluvoxamine 100mg makes patient feel sleepy,  so that he could avoid the repetitive process of daily lives, which is according to him not accomplished properly yet. It comes in a tablet form add an extended capsule which can be taken by mouth. The tablet is instructed to take twice daily, once in the morning and once at bad time. It can be taken with or without food.

Such patients take everything emotionally and do not like any kind of quarrel or inappropriate things. So doctors treat them with this sleepy medicine to forget all the misconceptions and anxiety about the world and to restart a new life.

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Its doses can be taken twice a day according to doctors or physician prescription.  Taking it more or less or stopping anytime against the rule. Swallow the extended release tablet capsule hole; do not crush or chew it. It is a long term medicine which can be continued after a patient feel well. If a patient suddenly stop taking fluvoxamine 100mg, he may experience withdrawal symptoms such as confusion, headache, tiredness, mood changing, dizziness, extreme worry, uneasiness, burning, struggling or maybe electric shock sensations in the palms or feet. To decrease the dose the doctor will probably suggest you according to your body needs.